Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Using Facebook Fan Pages for Business

     A Facebook fan page can be a great tool for marketing your company or product. Facebook users simply have to “like” the page and they will receive any and all updates you post to the page in their home newsfeed.  An important thing to consider when creating a fan page is how much access you want to grant to your fans (i.e. whether they can post comments, photos, etc to the page). If you have many people who like the page, it may be best to restrict their access to these features, as it can result in many notifications for your fans and it can be difficult to constantly monitor for negative commenting, etc.

     To restrict fan access to your page, simply visit your page and click the “Edit Page” button on the top right hand side of your page. This should bring you to the “Manage Permissions” page for editing. By default, the three options (users can write or post content on the wall, users can add photos, users can add videos) will be selected. Simply deselect these to restrict user access.

     If you would like to allow certain people to be able to post content to the page, simply go to the “Manage Admins” page (under the same list as the “Manage Permissions” page in the Edit mode).  You can add an Admin by typing a friend’s name where it says to do so.

     Facebook fan pages can be an extremely useful tool in marketing when used correctly. They can act as a sort of one-way public broadcast to your fans by posting in their newsfeed, effectively sharing with them the latest news about your company or product. Make sure you’re inviting your Facebook connections to visit your fan page and to like it if they so choose. This is the best way to promote your page. Check our blog daily for more tips and tricks about a variety of social media.

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