Monday, 24 October 2011


I think I can count on one hand the number of people I know who are not ‘on’ Facebook.  My kids love it and I can’t pull them off the computer.  All of my business associates and colleagues have accounts and, of course, Facebook business pages.  And, I, along with most people today, am aware of all of the advantages to Facebook, both personally and professionally.  But, what I didn’t know until just last week (courtesy of an article posted on, is that the more Facebook friends you have, the more brain tissue you apparently have! 
A study conducted by British researchers with results published in the journal, Proceedings of the Royal Society B, has found a correlation between the number of Facebook connections one has and the quantity of brain tissue (that’s responsible for processing signals) that one possesses!
There is clearly plenty of research taking place out there with respect to social networking and the human mind and it all sounds extremely fascinating.  Although Geraint Rees, a senior clinical research fellow at University College London (and the gentlemen who led this particular British study), maintains that they are not yet sure as to whether or not more brain tissue is necessarily a good thing – he does maintain that changes in grey matter is evident in many situations. 
Research along the same lines has been performed at Northeastern University in Boston and it was concluded there that there exists, with respect to adults, a correlation between the size of the amygdala (the portion of the brain that is pertinent to many of our emotions and the processing of these emotions, as well as our memory and motivations) and complexity of social networks.  Very interesting stuff!!!
While I would never be presumptuous enough to draw my own conclusions (especially since there obviously needs to be some more research conducted on this subject), I do wonder if it could be at all possible that there’s a link between our social networking habits and our brain power??  Does beg the question, doesn’t it?   The conclusion to the article cites that the necessity of further research is clear to fully comprehend the relationship between the number of social connections and the amount of grey matter one has.
Can’t wait to learn more – and I’ll be sure to post some follow up material as soon as I become informed!
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Thursday, 20 October 2011


The concept is very simple – if you want people to “like” your Facebook business page, it has to be likeable!  It isn’t just enough to set up your page and hope for people to notice it – it does take some time and an ongoing commitment to optimize the page and maintain its optimization.  The beauty of social media, and in particular, Facebook, is that it offers you an opportunity not only to get people interested in your products and services, but also to build consistent relationships with your network – the people who are interested enough to visit your page.
Here are a few tips that are sure to help your business’ page become more likeable:
1. Keep it Cohesive:  Try to keep your Facebook page as organized as possible.  You want it to look clean and be cohesive, so that people are not left wondering what it is you’re offering them.  If it’s disorganized, people will not “Like” it and will not be returning to check it out again.  Spend some time on it and optimize it to its full potential.
2. Keep it Engaging:  Part of keeping your page organized and cohesive, is keeping it up-to-date with fresh, quality content on a regular basis.  Ensure that your content is informative, enlightening and helpful, but also change it up a bit sometimes.  Each and every post does not have to be business related.  Remember, it’s called ‘social’ media for a reason – try to display your human, personable side as well and post some jokes, humorous anecdotes or inspirational quotes.  The idea is to engage your network – consistently engage and entertain – forget the hard sell – no one responds well to that.
3. Offer Deals & Incentives:  Why not offer incentives to your loyal supporters as well as to entice new traffic to your Facebook page.  You could offer special deals or rates to repeat viewers and those who are your constant supporters.  Reward ‘new’ people just for visiting your page and you’ll see how many of them will be clicking that “Like” button!  And, ten to one, they’ll want to share your Facebook page with their network of friends.  Everyone likes to get a great deal!
4. Leverage all of your Social Networking sites:  Make use of your other social networks as a means of promoting and enhancing your Facebook page.  Another wonderful thing about social media is that they are highly interactive.  If you have a Twitter account, for example (and you definitely should!!), use it to the max to promote your Facebook page.  Tweet about those special deals you’re offering and ensure that you include a link to your Facebook page.  If you have a blog (again, you definitely should!!), reiterate what you post on Facebook within your blog posts and vice versa – drive some serious attention to your blog by sharing engaging comments about your blog posts on Facebook.  And, don’t forget to include the links so it’s easy for people to find you!
5. Encourage “Fans” to “Like” & “Share”:  A gentle reminder to the “fans” in your network to click on the “Like” button (or to “share” your info with their friends) never hurts.  Go ahead and post reminders on your status updates – it’s so simple for people to do it and it’s amazing how far-reaching your message can become when your fans click that little “Share” button.  More sharing = more “Likes”!
A likeable Facebook business page that everyone is clamoring to visit is a rewarding accomplishment for you and your business.  It’s also a most attainable objective.  If you can spare minimal time each day or even every couple of days to maintain your page’s optimization, your Facebook page will be your business’ most valuable asset! 
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Thursday, 6 October 2011


Doomsday, it seems, is on its way for the business card.  It looks like the day will be arriving when the business card and the rolodex will become completely obsolete.  It’s already starting.  In our office, half of the 20 something’s surveyed do not know what a rolodex is! Will the next generation wonder what the heck those little rectangular pieces of cardboard actually are?
With the world becoming a much greener place and the advent of Smartphones and social networking, there really is no place on earth anymore for the once coveted and much-traded business card.  The more technically savvy of us are already making use of digital solutions, which are emerging more prolifically with each day that passes.
An example of this technology is Bump, the new app-du-jour and an amazing little feature that enables users to share contact information, files and even photos by simply ‘bumping’ their iPhones or Android phones together.
Another buzz-generating app is Hashable, a service that allows users to post, chart and share connections that they make with other people.  This service can furthermore be used to make introductions remotely and can update what is known as a ‘relationship book’ with every new person tagged.
These represent only a glimpse of the solutions currently being initiated – there are and will continue to be numerous others that will perhaps one day render the business card extinct.  And that, in turn, will leave the planet a much greener place!
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