Monday, 18 April 2011

Is Your Blog Networked?

          “Bring your blog to Facebook and Facebook to your blog.” Though most people use Facebook only for “traditional” actions –finding and keeping in touch with friends, sharing photos and videos and planning events- there is so much more to this incredible social networking tool. One feature in particular, the application “NetworkedBlogs,” allows you to connect with all blog authors who have linked their blogs to this Facebook app. The great thing about NetworkedBlogs is that you can use it to establish a newsfeed that only contains content from blogs you’re interested in and have therefore subscribed to, so it is a highly effective tool for everyone, not just those with blogs.

As there are over 3000 blog categories on NetworkedBlogs and over 1.6 million monthly users, there is no shortage of information for those following or looking to follow blogs. It is relatively easy to find blogs of interest to you, especially when you first sign up as they ask you to follow your first 5 blogs and as such will suggest some fairly popular and relevant blog sites.  In addition, authors often attach tags to their blogs when posting in NetworkedBlogs so if you search for a topic of interest to you you’re likely find a blog on that topic fairly easily.
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