Thursday, 28 April 2011

Making Website Visitors Stick

Businesses often spend a large amount of time and money trying to increase traffic to their website using a variety of marketing channels. Most of the time they are successful in doing this, however if these visitors are not converted into customers the time and money spent on the website are lost.
Here are some tips for converting those one time website visitors into long term customers.
1. Make their job easy
Ensure that it is easy for website visitors to respond to you or your offering. For example, if you have them fill out a form make sure it is short and simple.
2. Test
Make sure you are consistently testing your forms, landing pages, etc. to ensure that you continually have information that will help you to improve conversion rates.
3. Provide multiple communication channels
Not everyone prefers the same communication channels so ensure that you have provided multiple methods of contacting you (phone, email, filling in forms, etc)
4. Know your visitor demographic
Make sure you know who your potential customers are and how to speak to them, as well as what matters to them and how they make decisions. Pay close attention to ensuring your offerings are relevant to them.
5. Provide a clear call to action
Visitors need to know what you want them to do and it needs to be easy for them to do it. Make sure it is prominent, clear and direct.

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