Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Do You Make the List?

Using Lists on Twitter

Twitter lists are generally used when one is following many Twitter users (i.e. 100 or more) and can’t actively use Twitter more than once or twice a day, therefore getting a build-up of tweets in their timeline (homepage) making it look more like useless noise rather than informative.
To create a list, simply sign in and go to your homepage. Then click the “Lists” button (directly below where you would write a tweet). A drop-down menu should appear, from which you should select “Create a list.” This should take you to a screen where you can name the list, choose to make it public or private, and you can opt to include a short description (this is recommended for public lists).
Once you have created your list(s), you can view all the users you are following by clicking on the Following button on the right side of your home page. When your list of followers is visible, click on the white button with lines on it next to the button that says “Following.”  Your list of lists should then drop down and you can select the list you would like to add this user to.
Using lists will help you sort through all the information you receive from users every day, helping you to use Twitter much more efficiently.
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