Thursday, 14 April 2011

Fan Pages: The Great and the Pointless

I tend to classify fan pages into the great and the pointless.  The great majority of fan pages are pointless. No one really likes them (I mean Facebook like, not highschool like).  They are a billboard lost in an ocean of billboards that no one really pays attention to.  Alternately, your fan page can be great and Nike has proven that.
Nike’s recent fan page (which I ‘like’) falls into this category.  Nike has defined a target market (women, over 20, into fitness), and created a page for this market featuring inspiring information and photos of women who are successful, inspired, empowered and engaged in fitness training. 
Quotes from fan page “Nike Women”
“Make Yourself Lean. Knee Tucks really work it. They’ll increase your heart rate, burn fat, build up your shoulder stabilizer muscles, develop your core, and give you a power boost. Just be sure to keep your weight over your shoulders and your abs tight. Want more moves? Download the Nike Training Club app” 
Nike is speaking to their target market and engaging them, providing them with something useful and of value.  When creating a fan page, always keep in mind the intended audience.   Here is another example. 
 Nike  Sport inspires hope, instills discipline, reduces depression and disease. What has sport done for you?      NikeBetterWorld   
“Dedicated to serving the athlete and making a better world through sport  Learn more about Nike's plan and ongoing efforts towards factories, environment, communities, and public policy.”
The most important thing to remember is that the page is meant to speak to your target market and be useful to them. 
Answer these questions when creating your fan page: 
1.      Identify your customers.  Who are they?  Why are they doing business with you?  What are they looking for?  Can you segment them?
2.      What are they looking for and why are they doing business with you? 
3.      How can you fulfill that need through inspiration and verification?
4.      Can you connect them to the inside track?  Can you give them special insights, special inclusion and membership in a group?  Social Networking is all about exclusive networks. 
And like Nike says:  “Just do it”  . 

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