Thursday, 2 February 2017

3. Twitter

In the year 2017, if you are not easily found on the internet, you do not exist.  This is the third in a series of articles; “How to Create and Maintain a Social Media Brand – the Lecture Series”.   This is all you need to know to create a social media presence for the independent consumer based business.     Enjoy, and Happy New Year 2017.

How can anyone communicate any useful ideas in 140 characters? Let me count the ways:
  1. Comment quickly
  2. Be clever
  3. Retweet someone else’s genius
  4. Add a photo or video link
  5. Add a link to a blog or a useful article

Comment quickly:
Commenting on current events and opinions is a great way to come up with tweets.   As you read news or listen to current affairs, issues that everyone is aware of will come up.   Commenting on these is easy because most people will background information. 

Be clever :
#beclever  is one of the many easier-said-than-done ‘isms.   It is in great company with 1. To lose weight, eat less, exercise more and   2. To win the game, we need to score more goals.  

Retweet someone else’s genius:
The lazy man’s guide to life includes this advice on twitter:   to appear clever when you are not, retweet someone else’s clever. 

Add a photo or video link:
Finding a great photo that is seasonal, or topical (not tropical… although tropical is probably trending in this northern winter) or a video and tweet that.  Create a longwinded video with your brand and marketing message and tweet a link to that video.

Add a link to a blog or a useful article:
What is ever so useful on twitter is the ability to link to a blog, or useful article.   The article should be informative and contain your essential marketing message:  the problem that you solve.   It can also reflect your brand.   This is advertising in its best form.   You are providing useful information to the reader.  Twitter gives you a place to hook the reader and the ability to link to your article. 

Footnote: Twitter is not expected to live past 2017 by many experts.  

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