Tuesday, 28 February 2012


So, you’re up and running on all social media sites and you’re posting on a regular basis and even gaining a fan following?  That’s great!  But, do you know what to do when your fans comment, ask questions or lodge complaints via social media?  Elementary, dear readers – it’s imperative that you respond.  And that you respond promptly! 
A recent article on socialmediatoday cited a conversocial survey facilitated via New York University and its Assistant Professor of Communications, Liel Leibovitz.  The survey consisted of nine questions – all pertaining to customer satisfaction with corporate attitudes on social business sites.  It was sent out online and was returned by 513 respondents.  According to the socialmediatoday article, the survey’s findings were quite surprising in terms of how many businesses are still in the dark when it comes to:
-          how to respond to complaints, suggestions or questions on their social media profile pages
-          the importance of responding promptly (some businesses did not respond at all!!)
-          what kind of tone to adopt when responding
The table below, which I took directly from the article, uses the original data of the conversocial survey and it does a great job of showcasing where companies need to focus their attention with respect to their social media undertakings.  The question posed was:  How Important Are These Things To You?
Interesting findings, I thought!!
Well, here’s the truth about the way these issues should be dealt with:
1.  First and foremost – promptness is all important.  Procrastination when it comes to responding to fans is never a good thing.  The socialmediatoday article advises, in fact, that your response be posted within two hours of receiving a comment, question or complaint on Facebook or Twitter.  Responding promptly lets your fans know that you are a business that values what its clients have to say and that you are accessible at all times.  It tells them that communication with your clients is important to you - that your clients are important to you.  People really do appreciate it when they feel that they are being heard.
2.  It’s not a good idea to have a standard, automated tweet or Facebook post that goes out to anyone and everyone that posts a comment, question or complaint.  What does that tell people?  It tells them that you don’t have time for them.  It’s crucial that each and every fan post you receive be read and responded to individually by you or another designated live person at your company.
3.  Always ensure that the content you’re posting is relevant.  And, as socialmediatoday points out - not only relevant, but unique.  Do you want your business to stand out?  Do you want to maintain further contact with your fans?  Of course.  Your fans are your clients who drive your business.  Keeping them satisfied is where your focus on social media should be. 
4. Elaborating on point #3 – keep your fans posted on what’s going on with your business.  They are interested in knowing – especially if it’s relevant and beneficial to them.  So, go ahead and post about your company’s promotions or specials – who doesn’t want to hear about a great deal? But, be careful – there’s a fine line between promotional posts and spamming.  Don’t go overboard and post the same thing over and over again.  Mix it up and keep it fresh!  That’s what will keep people coming back for more!

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