Friday, 3 February 2012


You’ve probably noticed by now that Twitter looks and acts a bit differently than it did a couple of months ago.  So, what do you think of the re-design?  Hopefully this will help you navigate the changes Twitter has made to the popular microblogging site!
How is it different than it was before?   Visually, here it is:

Essentially, Twitter has rearranged all of its features so that they fit neatly into four categories: 
Home; Connect; Discover & Me.   Here’s how each category functions:

Home:  This is where you’ll find your new and improved newsfeed.  Notice that it’s been reconfigured visually.  Plus:  You used to be able to view photos and videos to the side of the feed, but now you can view them right there in the tweet when you click on them. 

Another new feature is the Open button.  By clicking on it, you have access to information pertaining to retweets and @replies for any tweet.  Furthermore, Twitter maintains that your feed will now always be viewable across platforms.

Connect:  Under Connect, you will find two new tabs:  Interactions & Mentions.  Under Interactions, you can see everyone who is following you and who has retweeted you, etc.  Under Mentions, is where you’ll find all of your @replies / mentions.

 And, now, you can type in a person’s handle and instantly see relevant information on that person as well as connect with the person right there.

Discover:  A great, revamped search function!  You no longer have to search by hashtag for topics that interest you (unless you want to!).  This wonderful feature brings you news stories and developments according to your location, language and of course, connections.  Think of it as your own, personalized little newsfeed.

Me:  Right – it’s all about you!  This is your profile – only bigger, better and more organized.  And, it’s slightly reconfigured, with your information now viewable on the left as opposed to the right of the page.

The reason, according to Twitter, for the changes it’s made to the site, is simple:  it wanted to make its interface more appealing to new users as well as to improve on the overall functionality of the site.  For the most part, user response has been favorable. 

What do you think of Twitter’s re-design?  Please take the time to leave a comment and let me know!  

And, stay in touch for my upcoming post regarding Twitter’s new Brand Pages.

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