Monday, 5 March 2012

Here's testing out Social Media for Business - Is ASUS listening

ASUS afterwarranty product sales and service stinks!
As a computer infrastructure company, we purchase and supply companies with computers, software, turnkey systems and provide support as well.  One of our clients owns a half dozen ASUS machines.    Among other things, one of the adapters is broken.  So I have been trying to get it replaced.  My local hardware generic computer store had none, and as I was driving by, I stopped into the ASUS repair depot to get the adapter replaced.  Although they have such adapters, they could not replace it nor could they sell me one since it was past warranty.  Well it only was a 10 minute loss.  And they gave me the website to order from.

So back at the office I tried the website.  Neither Google Chrome nor Explorer could load their page.  So I spent 15 minutes on hold, phoning the ASUS estore.  The person who answered explained that you had to order online.  I told her about the webpage problems.  Her suggestion was to try another browser!

Okay, I am trying to buy something here, not remake my current computer!  Their lack of trying to provide parts is appalling.  Last time I tries to get an adapter from them, they would not let me purchase it until I found and confirmed the serial number of the computer to prove somehow that I purchased it in Canada.  Its way too much work to be an ASUS customer!


  1. Wow! This blog has received thousands of views, but no word from ASUS. Latest ASUS issue: their netbooks are serviced in North Bay. Lets say you live in a major center like Ottawa, Hamilton or even Toronto. You still must mail your computer to North Bay and deal with packaging and mailing a computer. This is a new low in service - something you would expect in communist Russia, not North America!