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Eight years following its inception, LinkedIn surpassed rival social media giant, MySpace, becoming the 2nd most popular networking site.  Unlike other social media sites including Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn’s primary focus remains on the business professional, rendering it a truly useful tool for marketing to the affluent but time-constrained demographic that is the business professional.  It allows people to initiate and maintain a potentially unlimited number of contacts within the realm of their industries, all the while using self-promotion as a primary function.
To further reiterate the usefulness of LinkedIn to the business professional, I have paraphrased some interesting facts garnered from an article I found by eMarketer (a digital intelligence website):
 Marketers are able to gain perspective regarding how to best reach LinkedIn’s profession-focused networkers through analyzing how they mainly make use of the site.  A survey conducted in July 2011 by Lab42 concluded that LinkedIn users are highly engaged:
·         32% check the site several times a week and 35% check it daily
·         42% of users update their profiles on a regular basis
·         81% belong to at least one group
LinkedIn users interact often with the site; ergo they are interacting with companies on the site, and are exposed to the ads served there.
Here are some interesting facts regarding different uses for LinkedIn based upon professional position:
·         Top level executives are using the site primarily for industry networking (22%) and as a means of promoting their businesses (20%)
·         Middle management professionals tend to use LinkedIn as a means of keeping in touch with others (24%) as well as for industry networking (20%)
·         Entry level employees make use of the site for the purpose of job searching (24%) as well as co-worker networking (23%)
It’s imperative to note the usage differences when advertising on LinkedIn in order to effectively target your key demographic.  LinkedIn is truly an important tool with which you can promote yourself in a business capacity to other serious-minded professionals. Join us at one of our Social Networking workshops and we’ll show you how to make the most of it!
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