Monday, 25 July 2011

3 Ways to Achieve Ultimate (Twitter) Satisfaction

            There is a distinct satisfaction that is achieved after successfully using all 140 characters available for a tweet. It’s a certain happiness, or even pride. Unfortunately, this is sometimes very difficult. We are all full of great ideas, thoughts and news waiting to be networked to followers, and even “lurkers”.  But, as I said, there are many obstacles that interfere with our success we have with this. Here are three methods that can be used to overcome these Twitter adversities:
         1. “All I can fit in my tweet is the URL link!” Don’t worry, there are ways around this.  Websites such as tinyurl and biturl offer services of shortening the character length of a link to give you optimum tweet length.
For example: 263 Characters ark+Blvd&city=Santa+Monica&state=CA&csz=Santa+Monica,+CA+90 405-5200&slt=34.018220&sln=-118.457158&name=&zip=90405-5200&country=us&&BFKey=&BFCat=&BFClient=&mag=6&desc=&cs=9&ne wmag=8&poititle=&poi=&ds=n
Can be shrunk down to 25 Characters!
Congratulations! Using URL shortening actually allows you to tweet!!!

2.           2. Tech Speech is GR8 4 Tweeting & SM.  Acronyms and forms of “tech speech” such as RT (Re-Tweet), b/c (because), LOL, BRB (be right back), TY (thank you) all help you to enhance your tweet, and help you say what you mean to say. Forget using words to show emotion, Twitter has created TwitterKeys to do so using symbols. Symbols such as the classic tech-smile help to display emotion with the use of only one character.
3.         3. “Dumb it down a bit”… There’s no need to use full, complete sentences.  The point is to get your idea across, not to display your Master’s in English and Practical Use of Flowery Language.  Be clear, concise and simple. Use simple words that eliminate characters.  Don’t bother repeating an idea by being redundant.  Only use relevant and significant words!

Ahhh, the satisfaction of a 140 character tweet. Although there isn’t truly a word or phrase to describe the feelings a complete tweet brings a person, it is an experience that, with proper exploitation of these methods, can be felt by anyone.  With that said, go out and give it your best.  When it happens, you’ll know what I mean. Happy, and especially, successful tweeting to all! 

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