Friday, 26 August 2011

For Once, Long Commutes and High Traffic are What You’re Looking For: 3 Tips to Creating Website Traffic Using Social Media

Alright, so you’ve taken the first step to “getting yourself out there”, but you still aren’t experiencing an increase in business or customer movement. Well, you may be suffering from a lack of what social media experts call website traffic deprivation.  For many businesses, websites have become a comfort landing spot, where they are able to trust what they see.
Social Networks, due to their proliferous popularity, have become an inexpensive or even cost free method of creating links to hard-to-find websites.  So, as we can blatantly see, social networks such as Facebook are the escalators that direct a person towards the convincement of purchasing a product or service.  Three easy tips on how to achieve this are listed below:
1.   Exploit Facebook fan page “tabs”! On each created tab, talk about, show and list the products/services your company provides. Give users information that they can explore and help encourage them to “like” the page. Give decent levels of information that will have the viewer intrigued, but still wanting to find out more. This will act as a teaser. At this point, post links to your website, and suggest for them to follow this, and determine if what they are looking at is right for them.

2.   Articles and blogs are a fantastic method of presenting facts, knowledge and the overall pros of your product or service.  By creating these, you will give the customer a consistent stream of information that inevitably establishes them into loyal customers and supporters.  On the tabs, provide catchy phrases that may intrigue the viewer to click. At this point, by taking this route, they will still be drawn to the website for later exploration.

3.   With so many people using social networks such as Facebook, traffic on your fan page will likely be greater than on your website.  Take advantage of the already-established traffic on your page!  Contests and special offers are attractive points that get a viewer’s attention. Any way of saving money or receiving something for free intrigues a viewer. By listing these contests and offers on Facebook, you will immediately grab their attention.  At this point, you’ve got them hooked, and all that is left to do is reel in the line.  You can do this by posting pictures, links and tags that will directly take them to the page where they can apply for the contest or find out more about the offer…Oh, but wait, you’ve tricked them because this page you have taken them to is actually just a tab on your company website!
Website traffic deprivation has become a fatal business-borne-illness that has many people stranded wondering which way to turn.  Each tip above if followed carefully is guaranteed to improve consumer traffic on your website.  Each tip provides bait to get the viewer’s attention, and have them click on links that draw them to the place where they will find what they need. It’s not being sneaky, but rather being clever.  Facebook and even other social networks have provided you with the convenience of being able to draw customers to your products and services, why not exploit this amazing opportunity?!  With all that said, I wish you good luck with your commute to a higher trafficked website.

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