Friday, 27 May 2011

Social Networking and Small Independent Consumer-Based Business -Part 2

We have discussed why it is important for the small-business owner to adopt social media practices, but here are some useful tips for putting this great tool to use.

ES Computer Training will work with you to develop the correct plan for you and your business, recognizing that as a small business owner, your time is limited.

1. Know what's out there.

2. Identify which customers are using social media, how they are using it and what specifically they are using.

3. What do you have to offer these customers? How will they benefit?

4. How accessible are you online to your customers? Can they have a direct conversation with you via social media?

5. Do you or could you have the resources to evaluate how effective your social networking efforts are?

6. Are competitors using these channels and if so, how? Will this affect your business?

7. What is your business strategy?

Once these questions have been answered, we can help you determine the resources and time commitment necessary for your campaign. We have worked with agents, brokers, advisors and planners, all of who have invested time in creating a social network that has grown their business exponentially.

The plan, resources, time commitment and associated costs can and will be laid out for you. This will allow much of the efforts to be taken on by support staff while leaving important personal tasks to you and still allowing you the time to maintain and grow your business' success.

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