Monday, 16 May 2011

Social Networking and Small Independent Consumer-Based Business -Part 1

Many independent brokers, agents, planners and advisors are reluctant to adopt Social Media.  It is not that they reject the possibilities but that, with the day to day rush of running their business and responding to client needs, they do not have time for the added burden of working on Social Networks.  Most sense the cost of entering these channels will be significant, if not in terms of $ (most vehicles are free), then in terms of time.   Time is and will continue to be the most scarce and precious resource of any Small Independent Consumer Based Businesses.

To the point, the Average-Joe Small Independent Consumer-Based Business Owner is neither stupid nor unaware of the need to constantly improve customer communication channels and methods.  Most CRM Social Media Experts preach and skim the surface of the problem with no real solution offered.  The message is the same: “you need to communicate,” “You need to improve access,” “you need to review," “ You need to mine,” “ you need to post”…  Lots of you need to, very few plans as to exactly how!

In our next blog (yes, now that we've got your attention we'll make you wait for it!) we'll tell you exactly how ES Computer Training can help you plan out the social networking strategy that will help you to establish your business as a succesful social media presence.

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Happy networking!

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