Wednesday, 16 March 2011

How to Use Facebook for Business

Facebook has approximately 550 million users. Approximately 20 million of these users are here in Canada. More often than not, a business' clients and potential clients are active on Facebook, providing businesses with an unprecedented opportunity to communicate with clients on a much more personal and in depth level on a more regular basis.

When using Facebook for networking:
  • Ensure that a social network of contacts is created and maintained
  • Ensure the message you wish to get across is viewable by you, your friends and friends of friends, helping to expand your network
  • Use tools allowing you to put specials, programs and charity events out there, as well as information without relying on traditional methods (i.e. press releases, newspaper ads, etc)
  • Facebook has become a powerful referral tool. Try to use this to your advantage
Keep in mind that your contacts on Facebook have actively chosen you to keep in contact with via status updates, messages, pictures, events and more. Use this to your advantage and ensure that you maintain all professional relationships through Facebook so that you can effectively have a more successful business through client and colleague relationships.

Here's a link about using Facebook to market businesses:
And check out this link for other effective ways to improve customer marketing:

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