Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Corporate Role of Facebook

 Facebook has developed into an extremely useful tool for businesses and their employees. Professional connections can be developed and maintained, Facebook contacts ("friends") can be invited to events relating to your business, and products can be marketed.

Here are some helpful tips about what corporations are and/or should be doing with regard to Facebook: 

1.       Develop a strategy.
2.       Set policy, then advise, train and guide with personnel.
3.       Provide policy and pitfalls
a.       Security settings:  friends, friends of friends
b.      Photographs -  materials and recommendations
c.       Personal and Professional demarcation
d.      Who should use Facebook professionally
4.       Provide material:
a.       Newsletter and interesting information in electronic form that the advisor / broker / agent can share with the client network
b.      Website links
c.       Blog or Forum Page where advisor / broker / agent can contribute and also link to their network.
d.      Photos in business and business casual settings
e.      Information regarding public events, sponsorships for the public
5.       Review and Manage
a.       Solicit feedback from advisors / brokers / agents
b.      Review frequency and relevance and match to objectives.
c.       Review support system and make adjustments. 

Check out this helpful article about marketing a business through Facebook:
If you're looking to learn more about Facebook and other social media, has a full list of courses and schedules for professionals looking to expand their business through the ever growing social networking phenomenon.

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