Thursday, 6 April 2017

10. Google Pages

In the year 2017, if you are not easily found on the internet, you do not exist.  This is the 10th in a series of articles; “How to Create and Maintain a Social Media Brand – the Lecture Series”.   This is all you need to know to create a social media presence for the independent consumer based business.     Good fortune.
Yes these still exist!!  If you sign in with your Google Account, you have access to Google+ and Brand Accounts.   The Brand Account is a place where you can advertise your business.  

To verify that the business is yours and that you have the right to make edits, Google chooses to use pins which they mail you via the speedy and ultra reliable Canada Post and  US Postal System.   Enter the pin upon receiving it.   There is usually a 2 week expiry on them.  This is annoying, because the pins that I have requested generally come in about 6 weeks due to the responsiveness of the classic mail service. 

This pin system is also used for adwords and why I stopped using adwords for clients.  It is a slow and painful process.   The multiple verifications required make the development process too slow for most clients.  

So, be prepared before you start creating your Google Page and Brand Account.   Have your photos, videos, and written descriptions ready to go. Complete all your basic posting and editing and adding photos before requesting your pin.   Major edits require new pin numbers.

Because Google is a search engine, and the search engine of choice for most of the western world, it is important to have a presence on Google platforms.   
The primary reason for all of this social networking is to be found:   to be seen and heard.  

So, post regularly on Google+ and include tags back to your business and your other social media pages. 

Remember, out of sight is out of mind.   

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