Thursday, 6 October 2011


Doomsday, it seems, is on its way for the business card.  It looks like the day will be arriving when the business card and the rolodex will become completely obsolete.  It’s already starting.  In our office, half of the 20 something’s surveyed do not know what a rolodex is! Will the next generation wonder what the heck those little rectangular pieces of cardboard actually are?
With the world becoming a much greener place and the advent of Smartphones and social networking, there really is no place on earth anymore for the once coveted and much-traded business card.  The more technically savvy of us are already making use of digital solutions, which are emerging more prolifically with each day that passes.
An example of this technology is Bump, the new app-du-jour and an amazing little feature that enables users to share contact information, files and even photos by simply ‘bumping’ their iPhones or Android phones together.
Another buzz-generating app is Hashable, a service that allows users to post, chart and share connections that they make with other people.  This service can furthermore be used to make introductions remotely and can update what is known as a ‘relationship book’ with every new person tagged.
These represent only a glimpse of the solutions currently being initiated – there are and will continue to be numerous others that will perhaps one day render the business card extinct.  And that, in turn, will leave the planet a much greener place!
Social networking is one very effective and easy method of contact management – no business cards required.  Why not join one of our Social Networking for Business workshops and we’ll show you how to efficiently manage your contacts and customers using a platform that is literally at your fingertips.  For a schedule of workshops in your area, please visit:

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