Monday, 12 September 2011

Facebook Has Revamped Privacy Settings!

Facebook has undergone some recent alterations to its privacy features.  What this means is that it’s easier than ever before to choose with whom we share our posts and photos. 
Privacy is a major concern with respect to all social networking sites and Facebook has addressed the issue head-on.  The privacy settings were previously unseen but reached by clicking on the drop- down arrow beside your name (in the top right hand corner of the screen), then choosing settings and privacy - quite difficult to get at!  As a consequence, most people never found them.  Now, they are prominently displayed whenever we post a comment, photo or our location.   
Your global settings (global settings allow you to set up your privacy once so that only your friends can see your posts always) are much easier to setup now and can be accessed from one screen.  The explanations are clearer and easier to understand.  Set up your settings to suit your privacy requirements, personally and professionally. 
We no longer have to wonder, “Who can see my comments and photos?” We are now in complete control and this gives us peace of mind when using the site.
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