Friday, 9 September 2011


With the fourth quarter and their busiest season just around the corner, marketers will be relying more heavily on social media than ever before.  Almost two thirds have said that they will be increasing their focus on social media throughout the next year.
As marketing initiatives will reach their peak in the fall, 1 in 5 marketers agree that lead generation is enhanced via social media.  About 40% of marketers say that social media   contributes to general awareness and 1 in 4 say that social media is useful in reinforcing their other campaigns.
In terms of measuring social marketing, 54.8% of those using social media track follower or fan numbers; 53.3% track actions taken by prospective customers; 51.6% track page views and 51.6% track numbers of clicks.
What does this mean for you, the independent consumer based business professional? 
·         This is the best and most effective time for a marketing push to grow your business.
·         The trend is undeniably leaning toward social media as a most effective and efficient tool.
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