Friday, 29 August 2014

Why We Hate “Back-To-School”

Unless you’re a kid, I guess the title of this post is a bit misleading. As adults, and especially as parents, I don’t suppose we can honestly say that we hate back-to-school (I mean, seriously, how many parents do you know who are complaining right now that their little darlings are actually going to be out of their hair and back
to a semblance of structure next week??).  What we really hate, is what back-to-school represents: The end of the summer.  What we really hate, is the fact that we become inundated with back-to-school advertising in the middle of July when autumn still seems a million years away, bringing to the forefronts of our minds the imminent threat of cold weather, no more lakeside vacations and less time enjoying the carefree lifestyle that summer invokes. What we really hate, is that we’re forced to get back into a strict routine, that sunlit hours become limited and, well, that there’s just an overall feeling of “melancholy” in the air as we come to realize that that’s it until next June.

We really hate the idea of back-to-school because the question on everybody’s mind these days is, “Where the hell did the summer go?”.  Remember when we were complaining about all the snow and cold – that never-ending, horrific winter we experienced? Is it just me, or does it feel like no time at all has passed since?  I guess it doesn’t help that this summer ranks right up there with some of the coolest on record (was that summer, or was it just a slightly warm break from the hostile Canadian winter that’s on its way back?!).  Think that's just me complaining? Well, guess what the Farmer’s Almanac has in store for us in the coming months? Yep, you got it – a brutally cold and snowy winter.

And THAT’S why we really hate back-to-school. 
Have a safe and happy long Labor Day weekend, Everyone!  And enjoy what’s left…

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