Thursday, 29 May 2014

6 Tips for Posting When You Don’t Have Time to Post

So your business is up and running across multiple social platforms and your blog is alive and well.  Good for you!  I’m sure by now you’re reaping the benefits of social media marketing. But if you’re like most of us, there are some days that social networking has to take a backseat because you’re swamped with other pressing matters. Well fear not!  If you have ten minutes to spare (Oh come on, you have 10 minutes to spare!), then I have  a few ideas for you that will make posting quick and easy on the days that  you don’t have a lot of time to put into it…

1.  Scan the News – With an online version of almost every publication known to mankind at our fingertips, it takes only seconds to scan the headlines of two or three online daily newspapers. Make a quick comment or two on whatever captures your interest or whatever’s trending right now. Don’t forget to include a link to the article so others can have a gander at what you’re referring to.

2.  Share a Quote – The internet is ripe with quotes of all kinds – inspirational quotes, funny quotes and brainy quotes – some from people we’ve heard of and some from anonymous sources. Pick a few and post ‘em. Everyone loves a bit of inspiration or a great one-liner.

3.  Use Visuals  – See a photo or video that interests you or that is relevant to your business (or not)?  Then post away.  Images and video are wonderful for fan engagement. Make a quick, insightful comment about it and voila – you’ve got yourself a great post!

4.  Retweet or Share – It’s well entrenched within the culture of social media to share other people’s comments, photos, links and tweets. Hit your Twitter and Facebook accounts and share a couple of things that immediately capture your attention. If it’s piqued your interest, chances are it’ll pique the interests of others.

5. Stockpile – You know those quotes, photos and videos that I mention above? 
Well, on days that you do have a little more time to spare – or even just as you see things that you know will make a great future post – save the link or photo to a special file on your desktop so you can just jump right on in and grab stuff to post when time is tight.  I have one – it’s named “Posts for Tomorrow” and it’s been a lifesaver for me on more than one occasion.  Just don’t forget to check it often – sometimes items are time-sensitive and won’t make any sense if they’re posted two weeks after they’re no longer relevant.  (And do the same thing for blog ideas – keep a file of ideas complete with links and you’ll never run out things to blog about.)

6. Take Advantage of HootSuite and the Like – Making use of HootSuite and other social media management tools (think Seesmic, TweetDeck & TwitterFeed) can be a godsend.  They’ll streamline things for you and make your life a whole lot easier!

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