Friday, 25 October 2013


Who doesn’t love Halloween?  I mean, besides the one guy who complained when I used an image of a jack-o-lantern in my Halloween Savings email marketing campaign. True story! Can you say “Stick in the Mud”?? Good thing I didn’t go with my original (albeit in jest) idea of using an image of Michael Myers (you know, the psychopathic killer star of the Halloween movie franchise) menacingly holding a bloody knife!                  

Well, like it or not, Halloween has, and will continue to, come around once a year – and most of us enjoy it and have fun with it. So why not take advantage of the season and create your own Halloween-themed social media marketing campaign? Here are a few ways to do it:                      

1.  Hold a photo contest. This will work on a number of social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etcetera. You can make it a “Cutest Costume” contest (kids, pets, etc.) or you can do a “Scariest Costume”– or even a “Best Jack-O-Lantern” contest.  Offer a prize for the winning photo and let users know that you’ll be announcing the winner on your social media platforms – that’ll ensure they keep checking back in.

2.  By the same token, you could hold an essay or short spooky story contest.  Again, offer a prize and arrange to have the winner’s story posted on your blog, with, of course, the credit going to the winner. And be sure to link to your blog on your other social media platforms.

3.  Offer Halloween savings or discount specials on your products and services. Everyone loves to get something at a discounted rate or price!

4.  Play up the spirit of the season! Make most of your tweets and Facebook posts Halloween-themed – really get into the spirit and encourage your followers to do the same! You could try horror movie quotes, Halloween (historical) facts, Halloween themed jokes – and don’t forget the pictures and/or video!

5.  Play a Halloween-themed “word of the day” game with your followers.  You could, for example, every day, post a word or phrase from a horror movie or a Stephen King novel, and the first person to guess the movie or the book, wins a prize! You get the idea.

The more fun and engaging you make your social media marketing campaigns, the more followers you’ll attract - and that spells more potential business for you.  And if you get a great response with your Halloween campaign (of course you will!!), remember, the holiday season is right around the corner.  Just imagine the possibilities!

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