Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Twitter Town Hall: #bcliquor

Now more than ever before, it’s so easy to ‘have your say’. Ya’ gotta’ love Twitter. And do you know what’s really cool? The Twitter Town Hall – a forum on Twitter where you can join in the conversation, express your views & opinions, and really get into it with others on specific subjects. And the best part? You don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to attend the ‘Town Hall Meeting’. 

An example of a Twitter Town Hall is coming up this Sunday (September 29 – between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm).  The B.C. liquor laws are being reviewed (for the first time, apparently, in 12 years) and you can weigh in on the following topics (from     

1.       Would you like to see restaurants and bars licensed the same?

2.       Tell me a time when BC’s two license system was inconvenient for you?

3.       Would you be supportive of allowing markets and festivals to sell local #bcliquor products?

4.       Should drinks be consumed in separate areas at festivals & public events or should people have access to consume anywhere?

5.       Do you think #BC has a good balance between accessibility and health/safety?

The British Columbia government website inviting people to join in, states:

§  Anyone with an active Twitter account can join the conversation

§  Tweet direct to @John_Yap to share an idea and have your voice heard

§  Make sure you use the hashtag #bcliquor in all tweets

§  When responding to a tweet, use the “reply” button to ensure conversations remain threaded

§  Staff will help moderate the chat through handle @GovTogetherBC

§  Feedback gathered through the Twitter Townhall will be considered as part of the final report sent to Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Suzanne Anton.

Sounds like it could be a very engaging couple of hours, doesn’t it? Think I’ll check it out!

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