Thursday, 9 May 2013

In Honor of Mother’s Day: Social Moms

This Sunday marks one of the most important days of the year – a day to honor moms everywhere – Happy Mother’s Day!

Social media might be something that moms used to watch their kids use, but it’s incredible how, over the years, mothers have become so adept themselves at using social media to communicate, shop and do business.  It’s also incredible how many social media campaigns are geared toward mothers and their needs & desires.  Let’s face it – Mom is by and large the person in the family who does most of the grocery shopping, home décor buying and kid-related shopping.  Social media have become a blessing insofar as they simplify the process of comparison shopping, of finding great deals and of learning more about specific brands.         

But over and above the usefulness of social media for shopping and keeping up with brands and trends, moms use them as a primary means of communication and networking.   Moms are connected on social media today more than ever before.
Here are some enlightening 2013 ‘Moms on Social Media’ statistics courtesy of Ali Salman, co-founder of Rapid Boost Marketing:

·         9% Study weblogs everyday. An extra 15% read weblogs every week, and 16% per month.
·         7% of Canadian Moms post their opinions on weblogs everyday, 8% every week and 10% per month.
·         6% of those who interviewed contributed on their own weblog every day. An extra 3% contributed on their own weblog every week, and 5% per month.
·         3% of Canadian Mom blog writers had written a post about a product or product.
·         12% of Canadian moms watch video clips published online every day. 28% watch video clips every week, and 31% click ‘Play’ per month.
·         8% of Moms in Canada post on Twitter, or reading Twitter posts everyday. Another 7% read Twitter posts every week and a further 8% examine Twitter posts per month.
·         Canadian moms are socially very involved.
·         63% have ‘Liked’ a business web page on Facebook or fb and 26% have mentioned on those pages. 19% had published about a product on their personal Facebook or fb web page.
·         15% Have a look at forums or forums everyday, with 9% definitely taking part. An extra 16% examine these social networks every week (11% participating) and 21% per month (12% participating).
·         58% Have a look at sites every day, with an extra 19% signing in every week.

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