Friday, 25 January 2013

4 Ways to Make Google+ Work for Your Business

Google+, as both a social medium and a tool for S.E.O., offers a plethora of uses for business communication and for your marketing plan.    So here I will repeat the 4 most popular suggestions from Social Media Experts:  

1.  Use Circles to Network – Google+ Circles makes it easy to build industry networks of both ... blah blah blah

2.  Share Relevant & Engaging Content – Stand-out content is the backbone of social media blah blah blah....   and who will see and read the stuff?  as a busy business person, do you have time to write stuff that no one will probably read?

3.  Hangout! – One of the coolest features of Google+ is Hangouts.  You can use Hangouts to hold meetings, open forums, ... fun, cool, and no busy business person has time for this.  Teenagers at a shopping mall comes to mind!

4. Make friends, connect, dialogue  -- chat it up all afternoon why not!

By now  you will probably have figured out that I disagree with the other experts.  I am a big believer in Google + features for business at this point in time:  January 2013.  But here is how I see it.

  • Get a Google + account so that you can use Google Local and Google Places.  
  • Have a Google Places page for your company so that you can be found on Google Maps and in Google Searches.  
  • Google is the number one most used search engine  (beating competition by a factor of 10 at least).  You need to be found by Google.

Your business needs to be found by Google.  

So my real advise is:
1. Get a Google + account.  Fill in your profile as a business person and use those keywords.
2. Add people to your circles - anyone - so that you can be found.
3. Create a Google Places page for your business and fill it out completely including photos and videos.
4.  Garner Lots of Positive Reviews – Google is taking on TripAdvisor and Yellow Pages.  Best thing you can do for your SEO, to be found when someone searches Google or Google Maps, is to have good reviews here.  

And you're done!   Now get back to your real job!  

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