Friday, 11 May 2012


With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at how social media influence moms and their decisions when it comes to consumer goods and shopping-related decisions.  Turns out, according to a study conducted by Performics, a performance marketing firm, that mothers are very much influenced by social media. 

The study shows that ...”mothers are approximately 61% more likely than other women to own a smartphone. They are also more likely to be active on social networking sites; for example, they are 16% more likely to visit Facebook daily and 46% more likely to visit Google + daily. Additionally, they are 75% more likely than other women to trust information they receive from companies through social networking sites. 

Also from the article on
“Moms continue to take advantage of the little spare time they have by utilizing all the tools at their disposal.  This includes their mobile devices and social networks,” notes Daina Middleton, Global CEO of Performics. “Increasingly, as a segment of the social networking population, moms perception is their voice can be leveraged to influence, participate with, and promote brands.”

The study also maintains that moms, more so than other people, tend to trust brands that they see on social media sites and furthermore, that moms often use social media platforms as their foremost points of contact.  It appears as well, that moms like to promote brands of which they are fond on their own social media accounts.  Some more fascinating findings from the study:

Moms are more likely than other people to -

  • Recommend companies/brands via social sites (34%)
  • Discuss companies/brands on social sites after seeing an ad elsewhere (48%)
  • Talk about companies/brands they follow on Facebook (24%)
  • Link to a company/brand ad (23%)
  • Post a company/brand ad (53%)
  • Post interesting or relevant content about a company/brand (50%)

It looks like the old adage about “the hand that rocks the cradle” might have been right on the money after all...

Happy Mother’s Day!

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