Friday, 20 January 2012


Who knew?  Get this:  Tweeting at certain times is more conducive to your tweets being read than is tweeting at other, specific times.  Apparently, yes, you can definitely be too structured when it comes to using Twitter. 
Let me explain:  This week on The, an article cited the writings of Ethan Klapper, a social media focused online editor at National Journal.  Klapper maintains that when you use apps to schedule your tweets, they can become obscured in the torrent of tweets that are scheduled to appear on the feed simultaneously.  The article reiterates that “Timelines explode on the hour on TweetDeck and at five-minute intervals on HootSuite. So your tweets are more likely to be seen at 8:51 than 8:50…”
It stands to reason then, that if people are all tweeting at the same time, your tweets will get lost in the shuffle and not be seen by as many people as you would like. 
Klapper writes:   “This is why you should never tweet at the: 00, :15, :30 or :45 of the hour. And, if possible, avoid tweeting at :05, :10, :20, :25, :35, :40, :50 and :55 as well.
“Silly as it may sound, your message will more likely be seen if you tweet at 8:51 instead of 8:50.”
Well, whatever works – good to know!  Klapper maintains that “he almost always gets a better response when he tweets at an off-time.”  He furthermore advises that it’s best to not try to tweet anything you really want read while any major news stories are breaking – “…unless you’re the one breaking the news.” 
That makes good sense.  I’ll certainly be taking this info under advisement.  Happy tweeting!

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