Wednesday, 30 November 2011


If you’re taking advantage of social media with respect to your business, why not measure the success of your programs and campaigns by looking at the numbers.  Here are a few concepts and tips put forth by pioneer social media strategist, J.D. Lasica:       
1. “Customer Engagement” – Number one because it’s  the single most important factor relating to successful social networking – without it, there is no social media campaign!  As social media is extremely interactive, customers are able to participate in conversations about your brand and this allows
you to accordingly improve upon your business, products and level of service. You can easily track customer engagement by studying the following:
·         Number of followers and / or retweets on Twitter
·         Number of friends and /or ‘like’s on Facebook
·         Number of comments as well as comment content on blog posts
·         Reviews and ratings
2. “Sales & Profits” – As important as customer interaction and goodwill are with respect to your social media programs and campaigns, one of your main objectives is invariably generation of sales.  Social media allows you to keep an eye on your ‘bottom line’ by:
·         Tracking sales from Google referrals
·         Tracking sales from paid searches
·         Tracking sales as a result of social network mentions              
3. “Search Marketing & Rankings” – One of the most desired results of your social media efforts is “search engine optimization” and your social media efforts should exponentially increase your brand’s visibility in online search results. You can increase and / or track these results in the following manner:
·         Use targeted keywords strategically on social networks
·         Use links from Twitter or even YouTube to achieve valuable search rankings within your brand search terms
·         Each time someone shares content from your website on a social networking site, you can get a link back along with a submission history
4. “Lead Generation” – Social media is quickly becoming a valuable resource for lead generation.  There are numerous tools that now enable you to track business prospects via “sophisticated filtering mechanisms”.  For example:
·         You can use LinkedIn to connect with potential contacts & existing clients and you can easily track the rate of invitations accepted as well as traffic with respect to follow-up communication that has been acted upon
·         You are provided an opportunity for your internal team to work in unison to optimize the usage of keywords and key phrases.  You know your efforts are successful when prospective clients come to you
It’s imperative in today’s market that your business be ‘social’ – and successfully so.  We can show you how to make to most of your social networking endeavors through our informative Social Networking for Business workshops.  For further information, please visit us at: 

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