Thursday, 30 June 2011

At an Age Where We Don’t Have Mom and Dad to Choose Our Friends: Choose Carefully!

Social Media has changed the world.  People we meet casually can become part of our permanent network of contacts. Unfortunately, that is the issue! As the day passes by, can we truly remember everyone we meet? We see faces, and we vaguely remember a name… or at least our eyes and ears may recognize the spelling in text or the sound of a name being spoken.  Sadly, we all make mistakes, and we are being carefully watched with guarantees of our inevitable lapse of mind.  So the real question is: how do we separate the real people (being the ones we have actually met) from people or non-human programs who are constantly attempting to have access to our information or steal our valuables.
                Politics and party animals can be significant hindrances on keeping your Facebook from becoming a business liability.  As ES Computer Training teaches us, watch out for inappropriate comments by others on your posts and wall, and avoid being tagged in photos that would jeopardize your credibility in the business world.  You should do this daily (almost like a cleansing), where you remove all unnecessary items from your Facebook account. When it comes down to it, just do not take the risk.
                I guess it goes without saying that we must also watch what we post, but for those who don’t know it, “watch what you post!” Since we often want to be as accessible on our social network accounts as possible when in business, we sometimes do not realize that anyone can view all of this information at any time.  When posting, you must be aware that all info should be censored, and should not be a victim of bias, racism, sexism, swearing or political and religious views.  No, this is not everything we should leave out! If there is a possibility that someone may not enjoy a post, do not post it! Although we may think only a few people may be viewing what we write, this can be wrong, because our posts have the possibility of being viewed by millions.
                Okay, so no matter whether it’s your crazy “friends” or your own opinions, keep your Facebook clean.  Your goal is to show people who you are, and keep them interested in what you have to say without offending them.  Lastly, keep in mind that: if you do not know them, don’t add them.  With each of these precautions that ES Computer Training gives us, you should be safe. Follow the guidelines, and happy friending!

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